Get Connected

Probably the first thing you will want to do is download a client for connecting to Threshold. A telnet or mud client is HIGHLY recommended. If you do not have such a program, click on Links -> Downloads in the navigation bar to the left and download a telnet client. If you already have a telnet or mud client, you can use the addresses at the bottom of this page to connect to Threshold.

If you have trouble getting connected you can try the following steps. If that fails, you can send email asking for help to

  1. Connect to Threshold using one of the mud clients from our Downloads page.
  2. At the login prompt, type the word new to begin character creation. Read everything you see on your screen carefully and follow the instructions.
  3. Once you are connected you should be sitting in the first room of the game. It looks like this:
    Time for a little Body Snatching...
       At this point you are nothing but an amorphous blob of incorporeal energy.
    You must snatch a body from the types running around the space you currently 
    inhabit. These bodies are without energy or brains, so don't feel guilty.
    RACES and STATS exist for role playing and for determining what guild you can
    join. Select your race and stats based on the kind of persona you want to
    play. They are all equally powerful and useful.
            list - This lists the races and guild/class requirements
       list race - More information about a race. For example: list human
     snatch race - Use this to select your race.  For example: snatch human
            help - Type this for an introduction to the help system.
         help me - Having trouble? Type this and someone will try to help you.
      approve me - Submit your character application by answering some questions.
                   This must be done before you can continue creating your
                   character. You can also type this to check the status of your
                   approval application.
    If you missed the instructions, type the word look to see them again.
  4. Type approve me to get your character concept approved before you continue with creation.
  5. Wait patiently and your character application should be addressed soon. The STEA help staff is generally quite vigilant in replying to applications.
  6. While you are waiting, read through the web site. Our online Bestiary is particularly fun reading.
  7. Once you are approved, you can continue creation. At any point during creation you can speak on the heritage channel to ask for help. You can do this by typing the word heritage followed by whatever you want to say on that channel. For example, if you wanted to ask for help on the heritage channel, you could type:

    heritage please help me, I am new

    There are almost always STEA staff or newbie helpers online who can answer questions for you and help you get adjusted to the game. Often they will direct you to short help files. When they do this, you should heed their advice and read them. Threshold's help system is very expansive, and it is truly the BEST source of information about how the game operates.
  8. Have fun! Make sure you always read instructions and help files. Threshold is a complex game that has brought years of tremendous enjoyment to tens of thousands of players!

Addresses for Connecting to Threshold

For those of you familair with MUD-type games, the addresses for Threshold are:

Domain Name
Port Number 3333
IP Number

Make sure you supply the port number of 3333, even if you are telnetting from a Unix system. For example, from a Unix system, you might type a command like the following:

telnet 3333

If you prefer to download a telnet or mud client later (but we HIGHLY recommend you go to the Downloads page and get one now), you can click on this link:

Play Threshold Now!