How to Play Threshold

Play Right In Your Browser

Play Threshold on the browser - A browser based client that you can use to play without having to download anything.

Programs for Connecting to Threshold

MUSHclient - Free - Windows
Gypsum - Free - Windows, Mac, Linux
Mudlet - Free - Windows, Mac, Linux
CMUD - Free/Shareware - Windows
Savitar - Shareware - Mac
TinTin++ - A feature rich client for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. The three OS specific links contain pre-configured builds for playing Threshold.

Domain Name
Port Number 3333
IP Number


BlowTorch for Android - An excellent free MUD client for Android phones.

Mukluk for Android - An excellent free MUD client for Android phones.

Mudrammer for iOS - iOS MUD client (Free).

Pocketmud PRO for iOS - iOS MUD Client (not free).

Threshold RPG - Tutorial Video for Character Creation and Getting Started:

About Playing Threshold

Threshold is a unique and expansive roleplaying environment. It is a rich world where the players make the history and are the driving forces behind the evolution of law, economy, religion, and the game universe. This gives players the unparalleled ability to shape the world around them, and makes life on Threshold exciting and ever-changing. The world never grows stale because the players are continually altering and reshaping the multiverse.

Because of this, new players sometimes feel it is difficult to "break into" this bustling world. Do not be intimidated or discouraged! Every player on Threshold was once a "newbie"! The world is constantly evolving and changing, and everyone, old and new, can have a profound effect and influence on the game universe.

The Get Connected page has instructions for connecting to Threshold. Of similar interest is the "Downloads" section as that section has instructions for downloading programs that make connecting to Threshold easier.

Basically, to play Threshold you only need three things: a computer, a connection to the internet, and your imagination. If you have them, you are ready to enjoy the most exciting, immersive, expansive, and entertaining roleplaying game on the internet!

For those of you familair with MUD-type games, the addresses for Threshold are:

Domain Name
Port Number 3333
IP Number