Some people in the world were born with the talent for the sword and the shield. They are willing to make their mark on the world by strength at arms. Unmatched in pure fighting skills and the ability to withstand damage caused by their foes, the Warriors of Thrace stand as the first line of defense for the City. While still a young guild, the warriors are fast filling their ranks with those who wish to fight for Thrace.

Warriors train heavily to strengthen their body and their endurance. This often leads to neglect in areas of poetry or magic, but a warrior should not be underestimated in intelligence. Combat tactics and strategies are a vital component to a warrior's training.

While not nearly as militaristic of an organization as that of the Fighter's Guild of Sable, the Warrior's still adhere to codes of conduct and hold one another responsible for their actions. The Orders of the Blade, Blood and Shield form the core values of the guild. While seemingly simple, these are the most difficult paths that a Warrior can pursue while remaining in the guild. Each of the Orders has, in addition to basic requirements, their own set of specialized requirements that one has to meet before even being considered worthy of joining. Their codes and charters are considered to be private, known only to those within the Orders, with the bare minimum being known by the rest of the guild.