The world of the thief is a world of darkness and stealth, hidden from the eyes of respectable folk, yet often under the scrutiny of the zealous enforcers of the law. It is a world of courage and fear, of bravado and cowardice, of violence and treachery.

Thieves are shady individuals devoted to a life of stealth and skullduggery. The whole world is open to them, or at least what is not, can be opened. Though thieves most often work alone, they can be valuable to any adventuring party, for their skills are unique and of great utility.

Of course, thieves must possess incredibly dexterity and agility. They must be fleet of foot, nimble of finger, and light of step. Similarly, if a thief wants to stay alive, one must often have luck on their side! Among the many abilites one aquires as a thief, some of the most notable are: the greatly feared and treacherous backstab, the ability to hide in shadows, familiarity with poisons sufficient to use them properly on weapons, and most importantly, the ability to purloin the items and coins of others.

Reviled for what they are, respected for what they do, thieves lead a fascinating life wherein death or riches lurk behind the tumblers of the next lock. You hear an audible CLICK! You hold your breath... This time, which will it be?

Guildmaster: Fynn the Silent Thunder of Tempest