Some beings in this world are born with a rare gift which enables them to channel unfathomable power in order to manipulate the world around them. Some call such beings: Sorcerors. In order to grasp and control the mystical forces that rage through them, a sorceror must dedicate years of life to the study of magic in order to uncover the secrets of its mysteries.

The Sorceror develops mind and will at the expense of physical prowess. Such dedication often leads to poor health and a weak body, thus the sorceror is ill equipped for hand to hand combat. Their spells, however, can wreak as much havoc as any muscled warrior with a sword and shield.

The goal behind decades (or even centuries) of research into magical craft is the attainment of unthinkable power. For the special few, this goal is achieved. For the sad majority, however, the reward is a painful death or a mind twisted by insanity. The Sorcerors Guild exists to cultivate those few elite who can handle the burdens of power.

Guildmaster: Solubynn Galendar, Sorceror of the Seventh Circle