Psions wield such supreme control over mind and body, that they work in almost perfect harmony to generate seemingly impossible results. The psion exerts its will by the mere execution of thoughts, yet the manifestations of these thoughts are far from mere.

The rigors of this control over mind and body are extremely taxing on the body, and require great constitution in order to survive! Further, it requires incredible intelligence and wisdom to properly manipulate mental energy into a useable force.

Psions possess the power to heal their own body, move themselves to other locations with a single thought, and alter the molecular structure of physical items! However, the most frightening power of the psion is its ability to forcefully enter the minds of other beings, and while inside, wreak havoc! Psions can inflict horrendous pain by thrashing the synapses of their victims' brain. If a more direct and physical approach is desired, the psion can excite the molecules of its foe, incinerating the unlucky victim.

This is but a taste of what the psion can do with its thoughts and whims. Truly, Psions must be the best of the best — the superior beings of all guilds, races, and religions (or so psions believe at least!).

Guildmaster: Gadiantor Klarion the Synaptic Slasher