The fighters guild is made up of those stalwart individuals who make their way in the world by their skill at arms and strength in combat. They are unmatched in pure fighting skill, and their ability to use virtually any weapon or armor is incomparable to any other guild.

From within this guild, a few great warriors arise who lead their brethren into war. These fighters are the great leaders and Generals of renown. It is the valor and power of these individuals that keep the Kingdoms of Threshold safe from harm. They protect all citizens from the hordes of invaders that would otherwise tear down the walls of cities to pillage and destroy.

Strength and constitution are of great importance to the fighter, for they are what is most needed in the grueling heat of battle. Knowledge of magical arts is not looked upon as a priority, though the utility of a good mage (and more-so a cleric) is well understood by even the most arrogant fighter.

Every fighter knows that in the end, great conflicts are won by great individuals who are able to slug it out hand to hand in the trenches! This is where one earns respect, honor, valor, and the right to be called courageous! These are the elements that make a fighter great, and they are the virtues the fighter pursues to the grave!

Guildmasters: Dreya the Weapon Master and Urgot Trip the Valiant Cavalier