Young Crocodile

The flesh between this beasts mouth and tail seem to serve only one purpose — that being to provide muscle power for its deadly teeth and stunning tail attacks. Still young and growing, this beast has a voracious appetite and has been known to chew through solid dirt to get to moles hiding underground. This appetite gives the young crocodile a reputation for being a vicious, evil beast. In point of fact, it is nothing more than an eight foot eating machine.

What it lacks in intelligence it makes up for with stunning agility. The crocodile strikes with stunning speed lashing out with its tail with enough force to sweep even that largest man from his feet. Once its victim is helpless it lunges forward and locks on with a set of powerful teeth, tearing armor, flesh and even bone.

The young crocodile's size lends it to showing up in the strangest of places. While one expects to find them sliding through the waters of the swamp, many a young traveler has been surprised when one jumps from the darkness of a sewer tunnel.

When fighting this beast it is recommended to stay calm and fight in a relaxed stance. The crocs' agility and thick skin are sure to lead to a long fight for most travelers. If you manage to come out on top of a scuffle with a young crocodile be sure to check his stomach. Eating everything in its path tends to leave a few danar rattling around its intestines.

Submitted by: Llywellyn
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian