The worg wolf is one of the more vicious races of canine in the Realm. In ancient times, goblins bred wolves to be guard dogs and hunting companions. Over the course of centuries, these wolves developed an exaggerated jaw structure, fearsome teeth, and oversized grasping claws. Yet, the goblins (never very skilled at domesticating any animal, really) could not keep the wolves from attacking their hosts. Packs of goblin-bred wolves became common in the deep forests and on mountain trails. The common gray wolf became nearly extinct as their larger cousins slaughtered them.

Within the past decade, adventurers have reported a disturbing new type of goblin-bred wolf — the worg wolf. This terrifying creature can be as large as a horse. More troubling is the fact that worg wolves seem to have been magically enhanced with some kind of malevolent intelligence. Rumor has it that the worgs can even speak in their own bizarre, guttural language. Worgs have a voracious appetite for raw flesh and will pounce on any living creature to satisfy their bloodlust.

A weary warrior came into Sable on the 15th of Dawn, 188, and staggered into the Green Griffon. He told of his near escape from a cavernous goblin lair, where he had encountered two worg wolves:

"They hit me suddenly, from behind...," he stammered, his arms trembling. "I recall their bloodstained fur and a horrible rancid smell.... Before I could react, one worg bit into my platemail, sank his teeth into my gut, and thrashed me around...." He described how he rammed the worgs with his massive shield and fled to safety. "The most unusual thing is that I remember goblin guards rushing to the scene...as if they had been called by the worgs themselves."

Most veteran adventurers agree that such a monster is beyond the ability of goblins to breed and create...and that some powerful magical being or force must be involved in the recent appearance of these utterly vicious worg wolves. Travelers should be ready to flee when venturing into known worg territory.

Submitted by: Axaeth
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian