Wild Boar

Before the founding of the Kingdom of Sable the wild boar reigned supreme throughout the Ironwood forest. It is still a mighty predator that all other forest dwellers flee from, but it has been bested — often at great cost — by brave adventurers.

A wild boar will not suffer any other creature's presence in its territory, even fellow boars. Mating rituals for these half ton battering rams are more combat than copulation. Fortunately sows produce large litters, who are cared for by their mother until the young boar is old enough to fend for itself. At this point mother and child become bitter enemies.

For sport in olden times two boars were captured with nets and stunned (this task often maimed or killed a number of the would be hunters). Their tusks were sharpened to razor points and the boars were decked out in finery and garlands of flowers. From opposite sides of the arena the boars were released as the climax of a public speactacle. Inevitably the boars were so mindlessly ferocious that both would lie dead in their own blood at the end of a brutal and fierce battle.

This practice was stopped by a previous King of Sable who feared that there would be no more sport for his Royal Boar Hunts. Now the brave adventurer is able to hunt boars in the Ironwood forest, if their skill and courage meet the boar's formidable challenge.

Submitted by: Idrisial
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian