The Wight is an often cruel opponent. It has two known weaknesses: flame and sunlight. If you can combat it with either of these, then it will definitely lose its potency. The Wight draws its power from its strange magic, which has been focused in it's horrendous claws. It's necromantic powers drain life and energy from its opponents, adding it to themselves. Thus, if you do not crush it quickly it can easily gain back what it's lost from it's victim — YOU!

There are relatively few wights, as they are brought forth by strong and potent necromantic magics. Some myths tell that they were dabbling necromancers who went to corrupt places to learn evil magics and only found a hideous death to greet them. There are some rumors that Wights often learn and get their powers from Liches, but this is not confirmed.

From their past lifetime, a desire for material gain has been maintained, so you will occasionally find your efforts to bring down a wight financially profitable. Most of all, you will be doing the world a service by cleansing the realm of these wicked horrors.

Submitted by: Merlik
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian