Strangle Vines

In ancient times Silvanus had a garden, where many plants, vegetables, beans, and many other types of vegitation used to grow. He liked those vegetables very much, and kept his garden well cared. Meanwhile a small tribe of tiny dirty humanoids appeared at the foot of a mountain. They were tired and needed food, and though they had nearly starved to death, they finally discovered the garden, found a way in, and discovered a means of exploiting it. Despite the well-established defense, the valiant and devoted Green Guards of Silvanus, the tribe penetrated into garden and ate the Great God's favorite plants.

The Anger of Silvanus was horrible when he learned this, but he preferred not to call forth dreadful disasters — such as avalanches or forest fires — to put them into oblivion. Instead, showing his generous, merciful nature, he created a new kind of plant — able to wake at a moment and use its vines to grab the food seeker and suffocate him.

The reasons are unclear, but soon after, that tribe vanished and disappeared from the earth's face in short time. Only legends reside and tell us that Vines have magical property: once they have killed an intruder, they gain a strong influence upon his mind, and call him to return to the place where he died again and again. This can lead to the eventual doom of the intruder-victim!

Perhaps, Mortis had been invited by Silvanus to assist him in his creation and due to that such a weird property appeared. This author and one of my friends suffered from this horrific mental power many times and got quite enough. The physical might of Strangle Vines is enormous too. They strike hard and in the meantime don't let you get out, sucking out from you force, vigor and endurance. If you can't vitalize yourself efficiently, don't even dream about getting food there. But the feeling of danger is sweet and thus new adventurers seek such Gardens and try to satisfy their seditious souls.

You may eventually be able to get satisfaction and kill the Vines, but while you are young, it is better to stay away. This author eventually gave up on seeking the riches they protect. A Brave fighter, who attempted to help me, was slain by them too. Heed their danger and be on guard in such mystical but luscious gardens.

Submitted by: Arraki
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian