Spark is more of a legend than just a terrible beast. An ancient blue dragon of incredible ferocity, Spark has terrorized the Kingdom of Sable for many decades, and it seems that his scourge is destined to continue. Periodically, expeditions are sent to vanquish the foul wyrm, and few if any member of such groups ever return.

The few survivors that have escaped Spark's lair with their lives report that Spark has a wide array of combat tactics that are each incredibly fierce and devestating. First, his claws are massive and unconscionably sharp. Many would-be dragon-slayers have been torn into shreds within seconds by a few swipes of these cruel weapons. Second, his massive powerful wings can smash you into oblivion, so beware of them! Third, and definitely the most horrible and destructive of all is his ability to breathe lightning on all foes that oppose him. Crackling bolts of electricity arc about him, striking everyone that assails him. Oftentimes, this lightning is the killing stroke that can lay low entire parties of adventurers. (See Also: help replay.)

It is rumored that Spark is currently making his lair in the demented protections of the evil portion of the ancient Tower of Alignment. A portal to this strange building has been conjured by the archmage Maelstrom, and it has been placed within the same archmage's mighty floating fortress.

You might be asking at this point: Why in the blazes does anyone seek out this mighty dragon, when certain death seems to be the only thing that awaits them? Well, there are rumors of enormous treasures in his horde, including a mighty artifact of awesome power. Most of the tales hint that the artifact is a weapon, perhaps a dagger, but none know for certain.

Submitted by: Cogito, Sage of Adventurer Lore
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian