[Author's Note: For the sake of protecting my friend's identity, I refer to him in this entry as "Hashhead". I give him this pseudonym for a variety of reasons that are not vital to the scholarly interests of this Bestiary submission.]

Scully typically seems to be a rather congenial fellow garbed in a neat uniform boasting a fine silver anchor upon the lapel. Undoubtedly, Scully spent many years at sea as can be deduced from his tan, leathery skin. Some even say he has a twinkle in his eye, but if you ask me its an evil one.

I was adventuring with my ever-present companion and stalwart friend, Hashhead. We had just finished slaying some gnomes and we downed a few ales in celebration. We decided some exploration was in order so we set out to the West Gate of our fair city, Sable. Just outside the gate is the grandest sight I ever did behold — the massive ocean crashing its relentless waves upon the beach in a beautiful harmony. There upon the shores was a well kept building, nestled amongst the grand Sablean docks which thrived with trade and commerce. We decided to enter the building and met there, for the first time, Scully, the Harbormaster. The room was laden with parts of old ships, trinkets, tools, and ocean-going paraphernalia. In the center of the room next to a massive wheel stood Scully polishing a fine brass instrument. Without any kind of introduction, Scully asked, "Would ye like to take a sea voyage?" We looked at one another and I said, "We need to talk about it first." With that, I strode from the building followed closely by Hashhead.

Once outside, I whispered to Hashhead that I noticed a very valuable instrument in Scully's hands — an astrolabe. We knew we could really make some money, so we began discussing our strategy for attack. We smiled, rather pleased with ourselves, and we felt certain we would be victorious.

I snuck quietly into the door and hid in the shadows awaiting my cue. With the fury of an Avatar of Tempest, Hashhead came crashing through the door screaming a savage war cry — distracting Scully. I leapt from the shadows and drove my blade through Scully's back as the battle lust coursed through my veins. Scully never even flinched or hesitated. He spun, revealing a huge rusty hook, which he plunged into my abdomen. In a single, swift motion Scully ripped the hook from my stomach spilling my entrails upon the floor into rapidly forming pools of blood. I fell to my knees and my blades slipped from my grasp as I clutched reflexively at my terrible wounds. I glanced up at Scully as he swung his fearsome hook once more tearing my throat from my body with a mighty heave. I slumped to the floor and the last thing I saw was Scully's sadistic grin as he turned to face Hashhead.

I awoke to the grinning visage of Mortis saying, "Welcome to my abode." A shiver ran through my spine forcing me to tremble fearfully. I was more frightened than ever before in my life, but I took comfort in my ever-present companion's stupid grin...

Submitted by: Caliphar
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian

Appendix added by the Editor of The Sablean Times:

From our obituary archive:

Caliphar was slain by Scully on Sojourn 16, 182 - 18:13.
Hashhead was slain by Scully on Sojourn 16, 182 - 20:24.