Rat Horde

This is likely the most vile and repugnant inhabitant of Sable and its surrounding lands. These foul little vermin are known to often travel in large ravenous hordes attacking anything even remotely resembling a potential meal. Typically, these rats prove to be of little challenge to the stalwart adventurer, but they can smell blood and often arrive to attack you at your weakest state. These fearsome hordes of rats have been found just about everywhere except for the most exceptionally clean structures. It is very common to find rats in sewers, dirty alleyways, caves, and other dark, unfrequented places.

These filthy vermin have pink eyes that glint in flickering torch light like dull, valueless gems grasped by some mad imp. All the while, their whiskers twitter nervously as they make a variety of squeaks. Often a skittering noise can be heard as they arrive due to their grungy claws scraping along the floor. These claws, as well as their gnashing teeth, can cause some painful wounds. The best guess as to why these rats grow so brave is a deep insatiable hunger — a hunger that aches so heavily that some who have encountered them in the Sablean Sewers have reported hordes chasing them vast distances throughout the entire sewer system! Related to this topic, it is a little know fact that can grow in size proportionally to their food supply and territory. Some suspect this to be the explanation of the rumored giant rats (this has never been proven). Still others claim that Loviatar herself has spawned these vermin to spread pain, disease, and misery. This scribe knows not which is true.

Submitted by: Caliphar
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian

Some anecdotes recently compiled about Rat Hordes:

From Caliphar:

I was in the pub when I happened to run into my guildmate, Gor. Naturally, I took that as an opportunity to buy Gor a beer, not that he needs another the drunken warrior that he is, and ask him about his experiences regarding these foul vermin. Gor responded rather characteristically and succinctly: Gor said, "Only that they're annoying as HELL!"

From Caliphar:

I questioned several other individuals including Bandle, Lumania, Brem, and several other stalwart adventurer's and met with what I have later realized is a rather disturbing response. None of them had anything to say about these rats and, in fact, their behavior grew furtive and agitated at the mere mention of these rodents. At first, I paid this no mind, but once it kept happening time and time again as I sought quotes for this article, I began to realize that there might be more to these rats than meets the eye. I recommend that no one underestimate their cunning or raw ferociousness.

Appendix added by the Editor of The Sablean Times:

From our obituary archive:

Toreaza was slain by Rat horde on Hoerfest 27, 230 - 22:24.
Orlis was slain by Rat horde on Cuspis 22, 231 - 10:50.
Wynne was slain by Rat horde on Twilight 16, 231 - 20:38.
Barodelis was slain by Rat horde on Twilight 16, 231 - 20:42.
Nazon was slain by Rat horde on Dawn 27, 232 - 19:11.
Barodelis was slain by Rat horde on Renasci 22, 232 - 21:31.
Khyrl was slain by Rat horde on Serenus 13, 232 - 14:07.
Sabran was slain by Rat horde on Dawn 11, 233 - 15:53.
Mirlyn was slain by Rat horde on Dawn 22, 233 - 2:16.
Graeblyn was slain by Rat horde on Renasci 23, 233 - 16:12.
Khyrl was slain by Rat horde on Tempest 27, 233 - 15:17.
Paq was slain by Rat horde on Twilight 12, 233 - 11:18.
Vhenyahedon was slain by Rat horde on Deepchill 1, 233 - 9:51.
Keldorn was slain by Rat horde on Deepchill 1, 233 - 20:35.