These huge green or blue skinned humanoids have been used to terrify children for centuries, and with good reason. Their dim view of the world is black and white, divided into the following basic categories:

food — anything that moves, and quite a few things that don't.

bad — Something that the Ogre thinks should be food but for some reason refuses to be pulped and eaten, like a dragon.

stick — huge club used to stop food from running away. Once food has stopped running the stick is used to mash it up nicely.

sweetie — ogre of the opposite sex (yetch!)

Ogres are too dim witted to understand the use of armor, but their insensitivity to pain and complete lack of fear makes them formidable enemies. Not understanding weapons, the Ogre will use any large object they can get their massive hands on as a huge club — and any being not nimble enough to evade the Ogre's long reach gets turned into mashed adventurer.

Despite concerted efforts in recent years to exterminate Ogres in the area around Sable City, there have been recent reports by reliable eyewitnesses (including my humble self) that there are plenty of them roaming the sewers beneath our feet.

An unconfirmed rumour states that an evil wizard has trained a cadre of Ogres as guards, armoring them from misshapen head to lumpy toe in black mail, while they wield razor sharp two handed swords.

Submitted by: Idrisial
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian