Mutant Gator

Mutant Gators are an alchemically created sub-species of alligator, enhanced for greater physical strength, with some bipedal attributes, and greater intelligence and speed. It is rumored that the species is either the result of too many magical potions poured into sewer grates by the citizens of our fair city, or (the more popular theory) that they were in fact engineered by the Archmage Slaspen — a mercenary and reclusive practitioner of the arcane arts. Slaspen has been known to have aided in activities relating to the Ironwood Bandits before, and there seems to be a connection between the Bandits and the dark and grungy areas of the Sablean Sewer system the Gators are known to infest.

Besides the expected dangers of the Gator's huge, gnashing teeth and powerful jaws, this particular breed has been reported by some of Sable's more prominent and daring explorers to have a few peculiar traits while protecting it's territory. First, the Mutant Gators will do better than their more unevolved cousins — grabbing unwitting adventurers in their jaws and thrashing them back and forth into the walls with startling speed. Second, the Gators have been known to use their tails in an astonishing, almost aerial attack- striking opponents in the skull and breaking the focus of even the most daring. Finally, the Gators have been given a more powerful weapon by Nature or the Arcane than any species before: a powerful bacteria appears to be present in the Gator's mouth, feeding on the rank pieces of foolish explorers it finds there, and causing horrid infections in those the Gator bites. A cleric of Loviatar once said about these creatures:

"When the Mutant Gator bit me, it was almost as if a thousand razors entered my body at once. I couldn't concentrate on the experience to a great extent at the time, as my head was being slammed against the wall at the moment. The infection stayed with me, however, until well after the Gator lay at my feet...filling me with pain beyond belief! A wonderful experience I'd recommend to anyone. Woo Mutant Gators!"

Unlike other creatures about Sable, the Mutant Gator, while difficult to handle for the young, is definately defeatable for those with the strength to try. Given the breeding abilities of the other spawn of the Sewers, Sable's peace and tranquility depends upon their numbers being kept to a minimum, if not completely eradicated. Be warned, however, for intrepid scouts of the King have been able to avoid combat with these creatures, and have heard them speak of unknown realms below Sable itself — subterranean cities of these intelligent reptiles, ruled by a noble class of magic-users trained in the black arts: the Mutant Gatormancers. Any citizen discovering a path to this City is advised to avoid detection and combat if possible, and return to report to the King and the Council of Six...if they can survive.

Submitted by: Dynauld
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian