Ironwood Bandit

The bandits of which I speak are based in the great and beautiful ironwood forest south of the city of Sable. They are mean and cruel fighters, who commonly use shortswords with which to fight, and will usually wear a leather tunic found uniquely on these particular scum.

The Ironwood bandits however are not content to stay in their forest, they have become determined to take over the great city of Sable. They tried time and again to capture the city, but so far they have been repelled by the great adventurers and heroes found in Sable, who have fought valiantly against them. When they launch an attack on the city they are typically led by their leaders and will almost always travel in groups of two or more. Luckily however these bandits are weak and stupid, and most people can defeat them in hand to hand combat, however they can be more dangerous when there are several fighting together.

The Ironwood bandits can now be found in a number of places, in their native forests, in the deep sewers, and it has been rumoured that they have captured the lighthouse. It seems that their assaults on Sable are relentless, each time they are repelled and draw back to regroup, and then they will attack again some months later.

The Ironwood bandits are, like all humans, found in all shapes and sizes, however they all have something in common — they have an unaccountable nastiness about them. They all look evil, from the scowl that is invariably on their face, to the dark glimmer in their eye it is obvious that they have been corrupted by dark forces. Whenever I have tried to show them the glory of goodness and the light they have attacked me on sight, and if it weren't for Vishnu's protection I am sure that one would have got a lucky strike in and killed me by now.

I know not where these bandits have come from, whether they are the dregs of the city of Sable, grouped together by some leader, or whether they are from far away and have come to Sable to seek new pickings. What is known however is that they now meet somewhere deep in the Ironwood forest. As yet their encampment, if they even have one, has not been found, but adventure seekers and the King's army still search for it.

Submitted by: Cade
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian