Hornet Swarm

These are likely the most annoying insects in Sable. These pesky insects tend fly in swarms, attacking unsuspecting adventurers. To the younger travelers, these tend to be a bit difficult to handle. Like the Rat Horde, they tend to attack you most often at your weakest point. These annoying little insects can be found nearly anywhere, but most likely in forests.

These swarms travel in anywhere from near ten to hundreds of hornets at one time. Beating their little wings rapidly as they fly around. Each hornet has a chitinous exoskeleton with alternating bands of yellow and black. They mainly prick you with their stingers repeatedly, and when they fly off, they sting you multiple times with their sharp, pointy stingers. You may be able to hear these swarms approaching you if you listen for a constant buzzing. They have been known to chase people for very long distances through the forest and even into town. They travel in such big numbers, they aren't afraid of anyone or anything. Not very many have ever slain all the hornets, for when they are reduced to only a few hornets, they fly away, stinging you repeatedly as they depart.

Submitted by: Rja
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian