Hell Hound

This twisted cousin of the canine lives by the name, Hellhound for sound reasons. These dog-like perversions seem to know only hatred, and seem to want nothing but blood- Yours! They are known to attack any and everyone on sight without provocation, and will fight till the bitter end- Again, Yours!

They can be found scattered all across the land in various dens. They are even used as guard dogs by some of the more hideously evil mortals. Their lairs are usually rank and filthy, making even the most stern of stomach wish they had not ventured there.

If one wishes to combat these overgrown monstrosities there are certian strategies to which they should pay heed. One, is the hellhound's gaping maw. It is filled with razor sharp teeth with which the hound enjoys rending the flesh from its victims bones with the amoral ease. Most importantly, be ever wary of the hound's most frightening ability: Firebreathing! It is most wise to wear a ring that will protect you from the elemental forces of fire, or have a protective spell cast upon yourself before combating this foe. The hounds will almost always breath a pillar of fire on their victims to speed along their pursuit of a yummy meal — YOU!

Upon successfully defeating a hellhound you may be able to extract its sharp teeth from its dead corpse. If so, you have found yourself a valuable treasure that is sought after by many archmages, alchemists, and other adventurers. Their use is not widely known, but their value is unquestioned.

Extreme caution is advised when confronting them!

Submitted by: Solstice
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian