Goblins are a dirty and nasty race who spend most of their time digging around in dung searching for food and treasure. These creatures exhibit very little intelligence, and do not seem to have much reasoning for what they do other than primal instinct. Other, more intelligent races have mixed feelings about these creatures. Some feel that the pitiful creatures deserve better treatment than they typically get, and decide to have mercy on them. Others feel that the goblins are disgusting and should be exterminated. Whichever viewpoint an individual holds, it can not be argued that at times they can exhibit some sort of intelligence. Some goblins may have been taught by other races, and may even learn to communicate in other languages.

Goblins have a strong family instinct, and tend to be very protective of their families. If one was to attack a goblin in the midst of their family the others could join the battle at any given time. Also, they will not hesitate to attack a foe that is much stronger than them if commanded to. There have been stories of eight, ten, or more goblins showing up in a battle out of nowhere. Goblins are capable of wearing armor and wielding weapons but usually only goblins who have proven themselves worthy are treated to such rewards as arms and weaponry.

A typical goblin fighting technique is to rush in and attack. Defense is normally ignored. At times, they seem to have tactics, such as calling for reinforcements, but mostly, there is not much thinking on their part. Goblins seem to stick together. Whether this is for self-defense, a fear of getting lost, or just laziness is not known. If they can attack in a group, they will most definitely do so. They are not particularly powerful creatures (not that has been seen, anyway), but in a great enough number, they could have power enough to kill even the most puissant adventurer.

Goblins will rarely divulge information about themselves (usually because they cant speak) and they are trained not to speak to strangers. However, a particularly clever adventurer can trick a goblin into telling them what they need to know. Limited diplomatic contacts have led us to believe that there is probably a struggle for power within the goblin community, but it is not really known whether they have any form of government or ruling class. Most of the contact that intelligent races have had with the goblins has ended up in war.

A typical goblin abode consists of little more than the bare essentials- a fire pit for cooking their kills and bales of hay or some similar substance to sleep on. Some may have tables or other frills, but it is not typical. Most goblins do not rest at home much, and thus their homes will not be decorated or have unnecessary adornments in them. The life of a goblin is mainly divided into three categories : sleeping, eating, and hunting. It is rare to find a goblin doing anything other than one of these three things or something that is unrelated to one of these three.

There have been rumors of a community full of intelligent goblins somewhere around the Sable Kingdom, perhaps in the Dragonspine Mountains. At this time, it is unknown how true that may be. There have been periodic goblin raids on the nearby town of Kelnore, and it is true that one or two intelligent goblins have been spotted within the walls of Sable as slaves, but a whole community seems unlikely. However, odder things have been discovered in Sable, so there is no reason to completely rule out this possibility. If this is the case, there is a good chance that these goblins have been taught by someone powerful, so discretion should be used if this community is found.

Submitted by: Shasa
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian