Giant Scorpion

The giant scorpion is a creature of horror. Unlike its smaller cousin, this beast can make a strong man tremble as his eyes gaze upon such a thing. The giant scorpion is about 6 to 7 feet long (without tail). It is armed with huge pincers and of course, a 6 foot long tail which ends with a huge stinger.

This scorpion, unlike the smaller kind, can grab a man and crush him with great pain within its powerfull pincers. It then uses this advantage to strike with its stinger injecting strong poison into the victim's body. Not only does this poison stops you from moving and leave you at its mercy, but it also inflicts great suffering which is not soon forgotten. Its tough carapace also gives it good protection against blows and many a man was killed because of a poor weapon.

The scorpion prefers to submerge itself in the mud to keep cool and is hard to spot at first. It usually spots you first and uses its pincers to grab you. They are hunters and perform this task well as they are silent beasts that lie in wait for their prey. One must be very careful while in muddy terrain. Some are rumored to live in the desert but no mortal has yet to confirm this.

Battle Tactics: Since this beast jumps on its victim at first sight, it is important to strike it quickly. Magic or powers are excellent for this as you can still concentrate if and when you fall victim to its stinger. Too many have died to its poison not realizing quickly enough how grave an injury the poison had caused. Kill it fast in hopes of not letting the stinger hit you.

History: The giant scorpion is suspected as not being a natural creature but a creation performed long ago by some powerful alchemists. They are rumored to have been used to guard their laboratories. Confirming this rumor has proven to be quite difficult thing as alchemists do not talk readily about such topics. Even if ancient alchemists did create these scorpions, the probably died with that secret.

Submitted by: Sajek
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian