Gelatinous Cube

Perhaps the most feared denizen of the Sablean Sewer system, the Cube is also the inhabitant we know the least about. Described by survivors as a 10x10x10 Cube of gelatinous, transparent, bluish goo, this creature undulates slowly through the Sewer passages sweeping up any objects (and mortals) it encounters in its path. In fact, the adventurous, suicidal, or just plain stupid may often be seen still floating within the Cube itself (along with their worldly goods) as they slowly feed the beast. Because of this action, it is thought that some long ago Archmage created the Cubes as an odd attempt to clean dank realms such as the Sewers but went too far- losing control of these constructs.

The Cube has several nasty surprises waiting for the unwary, and researching the beasts certainly will pay off for any who dare to fight it openly. The Cube has been known to roll completely over those foolish enough to stand before it, devouring their possessions, sapping their strength, and causing them to ingest some of the gelatinous goo- which is poisonous to all known races. In fact, even those lucky enough to triumph over solitary Cubes (none are known who have faced multiple Cubes) have been frequently forced to rest for extreme lengths of time- so drained of energy that they must sleep for many weeks.

There is some conjecture that the Cube is especially susceptible to Fire. But be warned, many esteemeed scholars have postulated that fire actually causes the cube to expand in size, thus making it even more dangerous. As of this writing, only teamwork or very powerful magicks has proven effective, but by far the most popular tactic upon sighting this creature is to run. Run far, run fast, and don't look back. To flee is to live. To fail is to meet a slow and painful death by digestion.

Submitted by: Dynauld
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian