Duergar Dwarf

These malevolent dwarves live underground and are quite short and stocky. These hard working dwarves build many structures such as mines, caverns and any other structures that suit their traits. I wouldn't recommend trying to joke around with them, for they don't tend to be humorous at all. In fact, they are very serious beings. If you ever want to make friends with them, just hand them some cold booze. They love booze as well as shiny objects.

They are quite proud of the craftmanship of their homes as well as their armor and weapons. The massive amount of work done on their weapons and armor tend to make them quite strong and durable. Male or female, you will usually find all types of dwarves with beards. Their beards are a sign of age and beauty to them, but most still find dwarves to be unattractive.

Duergar dwarves live generally in dark, cool places. These particular dwarves live on a dark, rock floor that is kept very cool. Their skin is a shade of grey to match their unclean, ragged hair. Their armor, old and plain, without any adornment at all. You can usually find these beings suited up in a suit of chainmail and some sort of chain helmet. Their weapon of choice, a doubled-bladed battle axe. A weapon made for slicing their foes into shreds.

The combat style of these malevolent beings is a rather offensive one at that. Sure, they may seem weak, but looks may be deceiving. They are indeed rather strong and skilled with their battle axe. Armored with strong chain, defeating a dwarf in battle takes some skill. For someone younger to Sable, these dwarves may be quite a challenging task, but for someone older, they have no problem handling the tactics of the dwarves. But, be always careful, you never know what such malevolent beings might have up their sleeves. They might surprise you someday.

Submitted by: Rja
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian