Belladonnic Toad

The Belladonnic Toad lives in humid, tropical jungle areas, and appears to be somehow related to the more common tree frog. They have beautiful skins of multi-coloured swirling patterns, and due to their particularly poisonous nature, they have few (if any!) natural predators. For this reason, they can grow to be quite large.

At first glance they may seem innocent enough, sitting peacefully in the jungle and looking at you almost indifferently with their big, bulbous black eyeballs, but the Belladonnic Toad is not to be foolishly trifled with. Because of their enormous size, the use of a sticky tongue to catch and drag prey towards themselves simply does not work, as their typical prey tends to be rather large! As an alternative, nature has p rovided them with an interesting twist: Instead their tongues are covered in horribly sharp barbs which they use like a whip lash their victim and deliver the poison directly into the poor adventurer's bloodstream. Although they may be clumsy and awkward in the confined space of the jungle, the speed with which they can lash with their tongues more than makes up for their lack of dexterity in close quarter combat.

Fortunately for the wandering adventurer, the Belladonnic Toads tend to be quite docile, and do not attack unless hungry or provoked. Unfortunately for the toads, however, their skins make a wonderfully colourful addition to any Bounty Hunter's trophy bag. For this reason the Belladonnic Toad is frequently hunted for sport, but if you just happen to come across one and are not prepared for it, the best thing for you to do is to turn quietly around and tiptoe slowly away.

Submitted by: Kieben
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian