A basilisk is an eight-legged reptillian monster that usually has dull-brown scales and a yellowish underbelly. Although noone has ever lived to describe what they look like in life, when slain, its eyes continue to glow a pale green or sometimes blue. Its mouth is strong and filled with long, sturdy teeth. Despite its many legs, it moves about rather slowly- perhaps due to its slow reptillian metabolism. All the Legends tells us that basilisks can turn flesh into stone with merely its gaze. This legend has not be confirmed by the Alchemists of Sable for they have as yet been unable to secure a live basilisk in Sable. An interesting side-note is that the Green Griffon Tavern serves a "basilisk sirloin" entree on its menu. The sirloin is by far the most popular item in Sable because of its large portion, delicious taste, and its excellent price. Though there is no way to doubt the veracity of Emirikol's word, it is unknown if "basilisk sirloins" are actually made of basilisk meat. Emirikol, the proprietor, refuses to reveal his supplier for fear that the profits from sale of basilisk sirloins could plummet if others sellers were to enter the market. He would hate to have to stop his current 1/2 price special!

Legend also has it that the basilisk's gaze can only turn into stone those who make eye contact with it. Likewise, if a basilisk stares at its own eyes in a reflection, it will turn itself into stone. Proper lighting is also thought to affect the basilisk's gaze. In other words its stone gaze reportedly is not effective in the dark.

Should one encounter this legendary beast, eye contact should be avoided at all costs. Extingish your torch if necessary, and keep the front of your shield well polished and mirror-like to reflect the lethal gaze back at the basilisk if necessary.

Submitted by: Algaron
Edited and Retouched by: Grand Sable Librarian