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December 30, 2004

PK Rules Revision: PK is one of the most divisive and potentially damaging aspects of the game. It is also very exciting for some players and to some it is a vital element of the Threshold "end game." It is necessary to constantly evaluate the rules on PK and make adjustments when it is deemed necessary.

Please read the following help files in order to update yourselves on these rules:

help pk
help death

November 11, 2004

Clan Abilities: The system for keeping track of clan ability point costs and pre-requisites has been recoded and is now once again available. Those of you in clans who have earned at least one clan level (and ability point) can learn abilities.

The abilities are divided up into "paths", but that does not mean when you pick an ability from a path you are confined to that path. The paths are only organizational.

You can pick any combination of abilities from any of the paths as long as you have enough ability points. Many abilities have pre-requisite abilities you must learn first.

Help files to read:

help clanlevel
help clan abilities
help clan ability list

This is a very new aspect of the game that could have some serious effects on game and PvP balance. You are forewarned that extensive balancing of the abilities may have to occur in the future. Free ability resets will most likely be granted after any serious ability changes takes place.

September 18, 2004

Register Extras and RP Storage: RP Storage is a new type of storage where you can store most clothing, RP oriented items, and special prizes (generally from admin run events) that are flagged to be RP storable. You can read more about RP storage by typing register RP Storage.

You can read more about the general concept of register extras by typing register extras.

We hope this new registration option will appeal to a broader range of people than many of the past registration additions have. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to mudmail or email us as always.

September 14, 2004

Focussing on some Details: For over a year, our design focus has been almost completely on the big picture, major features and game systems. While working on such things is very valuable, sometimes it is important to change focus and examine the smaller, more detail oriented aspects of the game to find things that can be improved, fixed, changed, removed, or added.

The following features are part of an effort to gather some information about what sorts of smaller, more detailed things might be in need of being done:

Detail Command (idea details): This command works like the idea command but it can only be used by citizens. Please use this command to submit ideas for things that are more minor or detail oriented than general ideas.

OOC Guild Meetings: Each guild will hold a series of OOC meetings using the event channels where the members can discuss what sorts of things they really love about their guild and what things they find annoying or troublesome. Each guild should try to come up with a list of the top 3 things they think would enhance the best parts of their guild or improve the most annoying or negative parts.

September 10, 2004

The Golden Age Amnesty: The Golden Age Amnesty is an opportunity for players who were removed from Threshold in the past to return. This is also an opportunity for the administration of Threshold to make amends for errors we may have made in passing judgement on people who ran afoul of the rules. We have pondered the possibility of something like this for about 6 months, and some recent experiments with individual amnesties were very successful.

September 9, 2004

New Server and Host: We are upgrading both the server and the net connection for Threshold. The main reasons for the server host change are:

  • Access to more backbones
  • Improved Service
  • Power, Power, Power — Better power backups
  • Improved Security
August 15, 2004

Settings Command Enhancements: While adding code to the settings command to support the ooc command, I was once again confronted with how ferociously spammy the settings display is if you have color settings for numerous channels. I recoded the way it displays your settings when you only type settings to make it more readable.

Hopefully you'll like the new display better!

August 14, 2004

New Command: ooc: If you type ooc you get some information about your character, including whether or not you have any unread mail. If you include a target you get basic ooc information about that character. If that player chose not to display ooc information, you get nothing. By default, however, you will see the title for that character and any extra info that person has written for their character (using the describe command). Additionally, if someone really wants to provide a lot of info about themself, they can enable the display of the time and date of their last logout. Since it shows your last logOUT, this time/date stamp cannot be used to see if you are currently logged in.

For more information, read:

help ooc
help settings
help describe

August 12, 2004

New Channel: politics: Members of our community have increasingly expressed discomfort with the way political discussions can dominate the citizen channel for hours or days. They have noted that such discussions can often have a significant negative impact on their ability to enjoy themselves on Threshold. Also, the sheer spam of such discussions frequently causes people to tune out and stay tuned out. People should not have to feel alienated from the main OOC citizen channel.

The new politics channel is only for citizens and it has specific rules that you will have to periodically agree to (help politics). These rules exist to hopefully minimize any adverse effects these discussions might have on the game world or the game community.

August 3, 2004

New RP Oriented Area: New to the eastern shores of the Isle of Thrace is a role play heavy area that awaits your presence. There is much to see and do there including things to collect, items to have made, and pretty little fishies to chase after.

If you have trouble finding this new locale, perhaps the sea gypsies of Banyee can point you in the right direction.

July 29, 2004

New Clan System: Vindicator v2.0: The clan system was recoded from scratch to make it a major aspect of Threshold with tons of new features. It would be very difficult to list all the new features. It is easier to just list the major in game help files so one can find all the information inside the game.

  • help clans: The main help file about clans.
  • help clan formation: How to form a clan, requirements, etc.
  • help clan options: Various options for clan creation and customization.
  • help clan types: The types of clans that can be formed.
  • help clan ranks: Ranks are fully customizeable by the clan founder.
  • help clan abode: Clan Abodes are expandable and very feature packed.
  • help clan insignia: Insignias can be worn on crests, shields, and cloaks.
  • help alliances: Information about forging alliances.
  • help clan competition: Competition is at the core of the clan system.
  • help clan tribute: Tribute is paid both for yourself and for your clan.
  • help clan levels: Clan levels are earned directly from Clan Vindicator.
July 24, 2004

Armor Coin Value Upgrades: We are aware of a coin crunch in the game that is partially due to the changes to armor drops in the Golden Age. After some data mining, we have increased the coin values of most pieces of armor. As we observe the effects of these upgrades, we will contemplate further increases if needed. We are moving cautiously on this because we do not to want to throw the economy out of whack and then have to adjust things back downward.

  • In many places, the chance for a NPC to drop armor has been increased.
  • More NPC dropped armor will retain its full sell value.
  • Lower grade armors have had their value increased 75-100%.
  • Higher grade armors have had their value increased 45-60%.
  • A new system will soon be released to help all adventurers (not just those with "pet" type abilities) carry more loot home to be sold.
  • We will continue to evaluate this situation.

Thank you for your patience and support!

January 4, 2004

Winners of the January Prize Lotto announced: The winners of the registration prize lotto were announced. Twenty (20) copies of the Ring of Solidarity were given out instead of the originally stated ten. Please check the Announcement Board for the names of the winners and the description of the ring.

January 4, 2004

New Spells and Powers: New spells and powers have been added to two different guilds at this time. Keep your eyes peeled for some very dramatic skills.